After the Bliss Redux

Thursday night yoga and then out for a late birthday celebration for me. No potatoes and hash browns. No Jimmy John’s. A dirty martini though. Can’t go wrong with that.

Back at the ranch, Scott made an old stand-by for dinner – what I often refer to as the egg potato salad thing. The recipe lives in one of the stand-by recipe binders in the photo. That’s where I keep most of the recipes I find online or in magazines, although I have been relying on Pinterest a lot lately. Do you have a system for keeping track of recipes?

Yes, eggs and potatoes again. This is the real world and sometimes there are repeats in the real world. Actually, LOTS of times there are repeats. This is a good recipe to have in your arsenal. You probably have all the ingredients (or approximations) kicking around in the fridge. We don’t always have spinach. Romaine works just as well. We also don’t use 2 pounds of greens – maybe most of the head of Romaine or about 3/4 a bag of spinach. Once you put the dressing on, you must eat the greens. They don’t keep . . . at all. So, I just dress what I think we will eat. I love the dressing. It has lots of vinegar so there is a nice tang. I use sherry vinegar if I have it. It is complex, but has a softness to it at the same time. The Dijon mustard adds a nice punch.

Tomorrow, I am hanging up my yoga pants and cooking again. Hint: it rhymes with ‘awful’.


Me:     I was having a drink, remember?

Scott: A (“That’s one of my favorites”)

Luca:  A (“Hmm. I’d give it an A, but not an A+ because there are some things that are better, but it IS good”)

Alia:   D (This is one of her unfavorite meals due to the presence of crunchy greens. She did eat the egg and potato, however)


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